Fallout Shelter
 – Elevator Music Volume III “Going Down”



Fallout Shelter is back with another inventive collection of instrumental Hip-Hop ear candy. Comprised of producers, Dynamics Plus, Drew Spence, Domino Grey and Xodus Phoenix, “Going Down” delivers on all levels. First listen through, “Applause Sign,” “Dia-Monde,” and the sonically beautiful “There Is Nothing Left Between Us Retris,” got me hooked. Gritty tracks such as “Twister Lime,” help make this record an eclectic masterpiece that draws any genre of music-lover in.


Artists: Fallout Shelter
Album: Elevator Music Volume III Going Down
Website: http://www.thedynamicuniverse.com/


Dynamic Universe Volume 9 “Rocket Science”


Dynamic Universe Volume 9 Rocket Science

Lenzmen producer and recording artist, Dynamics Plus, takes the listener on a journey into the labyrinth of his imagination, sharing sonic visions that are ancient yet futuristic… terrible yet promising. Created in Fallout Shelter studios under the watchful eye of Doctor Atomics, “Rocket Science,” is comprised of 18 masterfully created tracks. This is intelligent hip hop with emotionally charged lyrics, often humorous. Enjoy the ride!

Artist: Dynamics Plus
Album: Rocket Science
Website: http://www.thedynamicuniverse.com/


Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part V – “Boxing The Girl”


Domino Grey Butterfly Affect Part V

Following a series of phone messages left by a girl trapped in a troubled relationship, artist and producer, Domino Grey, presents the “Butterfly Affect Series Part V: Boxing the Girl.” Influenced by Nu Jazz, Dubstep, Lounge and Techno, Domino Grey provides a euphonic score that is both emotionally driven and mesmerizing. With tracks like “Cascading Drains” and “Justice Will Open the Door,” Grey proves once again that he is more than just a DJ creating electronic music for the masses.

Website: http://www.dominogrey.com/