Brandon James
 – Love Rising


Brandon_James_3 A record executive once confessed to using his pre-teen daughter to sift through the countless submissions he received, instructing her to make three stacks… one that she loved, one that she hated, and one that she felt indifferent towards. (The middle-of-the-road submissions never reached his ears). Most new artists aren’t fully understood or embraced quickly, but every once in a while someone comes along that makes you stop, listen, and check the dial (or screen) to find out who it is. Brandon James is one of these rare artists.

The Chicago born singer describes his sound as a mixture of pop and soul with influences such as Luther Vandross, Lyfe Jennings & Donnie Hathaway. (This listener will tell you the appeal goes way beyond!) With a voice that can be described as the “Epitome of Smooth,” Brandon instantly draws in the listener and leaves them wanting more.

Check out Brandon James’ new single, “Love Rising.”

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