Alert The Press



Involved in music from an early age, A.T.P. grew up freestyling at lunch tables, charging his classmates twenty-five cents to hear him rhyme. Years later, the stages grew, including television appearances and theatre, and yet A.T.P. decided to further his education at ESU with a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice. (currently finishing up his master’s degree!)
The 25 year old independent artist is often asked, “Why do music if you have a degree?”
He remarks, “Sometimes you fit perfect into something and you can’t understand why you do it or why you can’t get away from it, and when you do try to get away, it always manages to find you.”

When I checked out the “Alert The Press” SoundCloud page, I was initially impressed by the quantity of tracks, thirty-eight! I’m about halfway through them now, and blown away by the quality! A.T.P. delivers well-crafted engaging lyrics with a masterful flow. These tracks are radio-ready with great beats and top-notch production!

I think the question more people should be asking A.T.P. is, “Why do anything that requires a degree when you can make music like this?”

Check out the “Alert The Press” SoundCloud page

One of my favs: Work Shift

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