The Fabulous Downey Brothers – Squiggle Dot Dot



After listening to The Fabulous Downey Brothers upcoming record, “Squiggle Dot Dot,” I could hardly wait to put a visual to this incredibly quirky, energetic pop music blowing up my speakers. With hints of Devo, B-52’s and They Might Be Giants, my curiosity was peaked. I went on YouTube and watched the video for “Fun At The Mall,” and was not disappointed! The band far surpassed my expectations of what a live performance would look like. Hailing from Olympia & Seattle, Washington, The Fabulous Downey Brothers consist of Sean, Louis, Freddy, Chandra, Alex, Josh & Liam.

Their upcoming release “Squiggle Dot Dot” comes out June 6 in digital stores through Swoon Records.

(available on tapes, CDs & vinyl in summer)

The album is available to preview in iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Check these guys out!!

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