March To May



Darren Guyaz & Beth Wesche didn’t set out to become the folk-pop duo known as “March To May.” There were no flyers or “musicians wanted” advertisements to formulate this project.

Through chance encounters and a road trip with friends, the Seattle based musicians simply found each other and their affinity for music.

It’s no surprise that their songs are refreshingly organic, with no preconceived notions of what their art should be. Darren & Beth view March To May as a constant evolution and plan to constantly include other artists on their musical journey.

“The Water’s Edge,” is the debut release from March To May, which sounds like anything but a debut. The songs are masterfully crafted, sonically beautiful and lyrically resplendent.

It features the #1 Yallwire video single, “Embers.”

Check out the record here:

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